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Celebrity Pet Talking  with

Animal Communicator Jackie Weaver

Jackie gives animals a voice that humans can understand.
We will show that animals are sentient beings who have their own unique
thoughts, feelings, memories and emotions, just as we do ourselves.
All animals can communicate with us and not just the living animals too!
This intriguing series will share many amazing insights, and raise smiles too.

The Host


While growing up in the UK, a young Jackie Weaver realised she was different — she could tune into the thoughts and feelings of animals. Although she didn’t know how to harness this power at the time, her extraordinary gift stayed with her over the years. Later in life, after battling and overcoming a terminal cancer diagnosis, Jackie’s mission was revealed; she would dedicate her life to becoming a conduit between animals and humans to better the lives of animals. whole life has been animal orientated; She was brought up on a farm, was a vet nurse and although very intuitive with animals, had no idea how much!

Jackie is one of the world’s leading animal communicators. Jackie is the author of 9 books, and in 2012 released her Celebrity Pet Talking book, when this subject was almost unheard of! 

The book is filled with genuine animal communications from celebrities like William Roache MBE, (you can read his celebrity pet communication below), Paul McKenna and Emmy award winning actor Matthew Rhys who through the communication with his two horses, realised the importance of truly hearing what an animal has to say and can help problem solve as well. He also wrote a postscript for the book too. 

We are delighted to announce that some of celebrities from the book are taking part in the TV series., albeit with different animals this time, ranging from dogs, to rabbits and a bird too!

Not only does Jackie communicate with living animals but ones the have passed over too. She connects to their souls, just like the Hollywood Medium does for people. (Tyler is hugely poplar and running his shows are on Netflix,  Prime,  NBc, Fubo  and Youtube etc.  The shows are the simple format of visiting a celebrity's home and doing a reading for them.  Link to video for comparison purposes on next page.) when animals are in no longer ith their owner, a reading  brings peace, sometimes tears and often laughter as they talk about the life they shared with their beloved owners. Their animals  are so very adored and frequently regarded as their child. 

Jackie is also recognised as a pet grief expert too. Working with clients from the rich and famous to the general public from all over the world. She is warm, funny, trusted and respected by celebrities and clients worldwide. Jackie simply gives their animal a voice and does not delve into the people's private lives, or confidential thoughts. 


Jackie's World of Animal Talking

Celebrity Pet Talking - Series Content

Showing off their distinctive personalities, the pet guests spotlighted on Celebrity Pet Talking  will share communications from dogs, cats,  horses, birds, rabbits, rodents and many more.  Every animal has a voice!

        Episode Information

  • Episodes are based around an open three-way-conversation between Jackie, the guest and their pet, and will feature fun and endearing footage.

  • Guests will have the option of donating their fee to animal charity. Whatever their choice, they will still have the chance to raise awareness for the charity close to their heart. Our aim is to help the animals in all ways that we can.

  • Episodes may conclude with fun outtakes


​Jackie will travel in the UK and worldwide meeting people and celebrities at places of their choice where they, and their pets / animals will feel most comfortable.


​Filming will range from the people's  homes, stable yards, boats, ranches etc.  or other locations that would be of their preference. Privacy and confidentiality is assured. 

The tone of Celebrity Pet Talking is bright, moving, educational and up-lifting. Also educational and with helpful ideas and insights in animal' perspectives.

From a couple celebrity of visits...

 More future  visits will include the legendary motorbike rider Eddie Kidd, and his amazing soulmate, his 3-legged Jack Russell.

Actress Jenny Seagrove who runs her own horse sanctuary and has rescue ponies that help with visiting children with physical  and mental needs.

and many more to come...

People like you are wonderful at sharing your

love of animals with the world

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It's in our hands to shine a light for the

world of animals and help give them a voice.

Come join us and help make a


difference for the animal world too. 

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